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Free cross-platform image editor with raster and vector layers, written in Lazarus (Free Pascal).

LazPaint 7.2.2

• completed Czech translation • compilation fixes for Debian and legacy LCL • Linux shortcut: specify file parameter Changes in 7.2.1: • adapt quick save shortcut on MacOS • translations : German, Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish • added "-screenshot" command line • libavif dll • multi click on text ( • fix in Python scripting ( • added "-editor" parameter Changes in 7.2: • MacOS: handle right-click on layerstack • MacOS: fixed light theme interface • MacOS: avoid key binding conflict with CMD-H • interface: handle cancel language or icon size change • interface: restore main form after embedded editor • interface: restore selection tool after delete • interface: fix shift-arrows in file list • interface: handle right click on switch color button • interface: remember docked toolbox visibility • interface: center on zoom fit • interface: less margin to select outside of color circle • interface: tooltip on arrow start/end • interface: show hotkey in toolbar • interface: update workspace when resizing/rotating • interface: handle keys in embedded editors • interface: prevent ALT key from opening menu • interface: handle ALT-wheel only when applicable • interface: keep fill options visible when changing opacity • layer stack: tooltip for visible and opacity controls • blend mode: removed horizontal scrollbar in blend mode lists • language: tool shortcuts for Cyrillic keyboard • language: translation of color description • language: completed Russian translation • file: prevent saving incorrect filename • file: handle path in file textbox • file: generate new filename with number • file: added quick save action (Ctlr-Q shortcut) • file: overwrite prompt when saving palette • file: experimental support for AVIF format • file: show save prompt when drag'n'drop image to the program • file: save CUR and ICO with command line • SVG: close path when export as SVG • SVG: fixed RTL text export • new file: better handling of ratios • motion blur: fixed sticky mouse click • canvas size: restrict percent to max accepted size • tools: update shape when pressing/releasing SHIFT key • tools: ignore 0 alpha with solid colors • tools: improved hints timing • tools: disambiguation of shortcut keys (Y, K, F and R) • deformation grid tool: handle extreme deformation • déformation grid tool: ESCAPE to exit tool • layer perspective tool: change cursor when hovering points • layer tools: delete current layer with DELETE key • rectangle tool: fixed bug when changing join type • text tool: update when change antialiasing • text tool: provide text style, bidi mode, vertical alignment in toolbar • text tool: allow travel mode with space • text tool: display flipped text • vector tools: avoid error after rasterizing • polygon/closed curve tools: hide center point when ALT key pressed • polyline/opened curve tool: don't reopen shape • poly tools: added RIGHT-click hint • selection tools: deselect when ESCAPE pressed and selection layer empty • selection tools: keep selection mode after undo/redo • rectangle selection tool: include ratio of current image • selection pen: show circular cursor • filter: added negative angle for twirl • script: ignore some Python errors