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Free cross-platform image editor with raster and vector layers, written in Lazarus (Free Pascal).

LazPaint 7.1.6

Vector • read/write layered SVG (interoperates with Inkscape) • exports vectorial layers to SVG • fix scaling, better support for text • OpenRaster: support for SVG layers (interoperates with MyPaint) Layers • add HSL and corrected HSL blend modes • add context menu for layer • export layer (in context menu) Debian • various icon sizes for Linux application menu • compatibility with debuild (to release in Debian distributions) MacOS • retina scaling of button glyphs • fix online requests (version check) Interface • add support for Qt5 • repaint on theme change • detect system dark theme • scale top toolbar, more icon sizes • larger textboxes in image browser, Escape to close • vertical splitter to resize docked controls / image view Miscellaneous • clipboard: supports paste from redirected URL and HTML inline data • color chooser: window switches to available fill options • color chooser: copy/paste color definition • image: add 180-degree rotation • add Polish translation